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Still, long live the Internet and globalization. Let us continue to scare the dependence on the first and second long list of horrors. We are with you realize that every phenomenon has at least two sides.
So here. Internet not only provides an opportunity to communicate with the world, but also as a wider audience to promote their creative ideas.
About ten days ago on the vast expanses of the network, I came across an interesting picture unmarked)). The situation is familiar to us. There was no reference to the author, the owner of the logo also was not. Meet interesting, but ... And the picture was very good. I placed it on a trial basis at . And she gathered a couple of days more than 400 000 views!

And the day after that in my account on imgur knocked Marian. As it turned out, the author of this little masterpiece.
I went on the links listed on its resources. And you know, I really liked what makes Marian, her style. It contains both the heat and mischief, and a flight of fancy, and its own special charm. I wanted to write about it, but for this article I needed more great information and I asked her to provide it. She willingly responded.
So Mariana Moreno, lives in Naukalpane, Mexico. Very cute and creative girl. And for the past ten years in the Ka-Boom! Estudio. During this time, she took part in many projects the studio. Each of them was in their own interest, had its own flavor.

But especially memorable project "Eloria: The Valley of Dreams", which occupies a special place not only in art, but in the heart of Mariana and the entire team that took part in it. The project was proposed by the Mexican Association of "Doctor of Smiles", whose task was the fulfillment of cherished dreams of terminally ill children. For example, if at the conclusion of doctors, such a child would die within a few weeks, the association contacted the child's family and did everything possible to fulfill the most cherished dream - to go to the coast, to meet any celebrity or a unique place to visit. Of course, many children died, but sometimes miracles happen (though how to say!), And the disease receded. In general, it became clear that in this way - through dreams and fantasies, you can save a lot of lives.
And since the association were going to do a theme park like Disneyland or Six Flags, which for many children is the embodiment of their dreams, they went to the Ka-Boom! Estudio. And the team that worked Mariana, developed part of the artistic concept of the park and a few characters for it. And besides, they created a comic book, the purpose of which was to acquaint readers with the characters of the park, its philosophy and objectives.
Mariana and Rebecca for this project was very difficult, because had to address such delicate topics as health and death, hope and despair, young children and the family. Therefore, it was necessary to work out a scenario is very thin, so that he, on the one hand, provide the necessary emotional impact, touched the delicate strings of the soul, and the other - not plunged into despair. From a technical point of view, the most difficult to implement would make it strong figures with the right emphasis. It was necessary to carefully study the characteristics of poses, facial expressions, eye expressions in such a dramatic moment, to ensure maximum efficiency of the entire operation.
Marian Rebecca watched a lot of documentaries to have a clear idea about how to look medical instruments, chamber and operating hospitals and in general proceeds treatment. It is clear that it was emotionally difficult process. Just did a real challenge - as with the creative, technical and emotional side. During the study of some of the scenes was not without tears, but still assigned task was completed.
As a result, published two comic books, which are then distributed free of charge in hospitals and care centers for sick children. Unfortunately, for various reasons, their further publication has been discontinued.
Team a few depressed - because this work has been invested so much energy and soul of their characters bear a huge charge of fun and spirit, spoke about the important work of the association in the implementation of cherished dreams of sick children. And suddenly - it was over. So it was a difficult time.
But after a few months, and they asked the woman. The question is not whether they are the creators of the comic strip "Eloria". After receiving an affirmative answer, the woman told a very touching story that occurred in their family.
Her son was ill with cancer. Of course, it was all great emotional load. But once he got into the hands of comics "Eloria". He began to read it, and after a while my mother called and said, "Mom, look, here is exactly convey what I feel when I see the way you kill off my illness." He identified himself with the heroine of the comic that more care and thought about the status of their parents than their own health. Naturally, my mother it caused a sea of ​​tears, but the most important thing - comic gave her the opportunity to understand the emotional state of his son.
Women expressed deep gratitude for the fact that the book was very helpful to her family and to her personally. "You - an angel" - she has completed.
It was a moment of great emotional lift for the whole team, because it was obvious that their work is worth the effort. Thanks fantasies and dreams, project participants were able to improve this life even in the small. So it was a very special project, and it rightfully occupies a special place in the hearts of all.
Many people believed and continue to believe that fictional characters, movies, comic books, science fiction - all this is pure entertainment. But life sometimes throws up a situation where you suddenly begin to realize that this is what helps people to overcome disease and many other life challenges. I can only say that it was fun and humor helped me in the most difficult period of life.
Currently Ka-Boom! Estudio plans to continue the development of the comic book series has as its own project and enter into contract with the health authorities.
I do not know these girls are angels, and the guys from the Ka-Boom! Estudio or not, but I want to wish them the enjoyment of all their dreams come true. And thank you for what you have. With you The world just gets better.

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