Creative the My Treem lamp


To arrange an apartment so that even the decorative elements were beneficial, and not "just for show" was present in the interior — a long-standing dream of all the rationals, people, serious, strict, enterprising and Thrifty. And they have apartments all arranged just so. Except that the flowers do not fit into this slim, thought-out concept. Not to deprive of people of pleasure to behold the elements of nature in a single apartment, but to make these elements as useful and practical, in the design Studio Fajno has developed a draft creative My Treem lamp. So, Hello, tree!

Not only wood, but also a table, a hanger, a functional installation, which is cozy and light. More than just a lamp, but alas, much smaller than the plant. My Treem lamp can be considered an alternative bonsai, it is something of a symbol of the industrialization of nature, which gradually gives way to the man-made, artificial objects. And he will appreciate and explore the curious Pets and curious children.

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