House of paper from Dratz Dratz and in Berlin


Designers are constantly searching for new ideas on how to turn unwanted materials into functional structures. One of the best examples of such creative ideas – Home paper in Berlin, for the construction of this house took 550 bales of compressed paper, which was collected in supermarkets.


House of paper in Berlin from architects brothers Dratz area of 2045 square feet constructed of paper and is an outstanding example of ecological construction. It appeared due to the fact that the brothers won a grant $ 200,000 grant from the school of management and design in Essen. The architects of the birth of his project talk: "Passing the point for the recycling of paper we drew attention to the large number of bales. Immediately the idea was born that one can create monolithic walls and multi-level design. We agreed that the paper bales have a huge potential for a wide variety of architectural projects."


From bales of pressed paper brethren-the architects built the office, and not only built the wall, but also made comfortable enough office furniture. It turned out that the walls are of pressed paper can withstand several days of rain and quickly dry in the sun.

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