Beko Masterplan – a multi-purpose complex in Belgrade

Beko Masterplan – a futuristic project of specialists from the British Studio Zaha Hadid Architects. Complex of apartments, offices and space for recreation, located on the abandoned site of an old textile factory is expected to become a new landmark facility in Belgrade (Serbia).


Ultra-modern hotel is situated in approximately 94000 square meters of the historic industrial quarter, located only 500 metres from the town centre, but no longer involved in the infrastructure of the Serbian capital.


The General plan of the subject strong modernist traditions of the region, but it uses fundamentally new techniques and concepts. The futuristic elegance of the complex suggests the inclusion of fragments of green areas, is absolutely essential a new stage of development of the ancient city. Thanks to the recognizable strength of the architecture from Zaha Hadid, the new feature that enriches the urban landscape and becomes indistinguishable from the existing urban fabric, seamlessly integrating into it a cosmopolitan future.

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