15 minutes of physical activity per day improves health

A group of Taiwanese doctors came to the conclusion that even 15 minutes of physical activity per day are beneficial to our health.

Published in the Lancet article group of Taiwanese doctors, led by Dr Chi-pang Wen from the national Institute for medical research, and Jackson Pui man Ah Wai of the national Taiwan sport University, argues in favor of the fact that even a short daily exercise to improve health and increase life expectancy.

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Arguments are weighty, this is data for 416 175 residents of Taiwan, from 1996 to 2008 participated in screening programs, which lasted an average of 8 years.

Patients are regularly the people were divided into five groups depending on their physical activity (no exercising at all to training little, medium, much and very much). The researchers calculated the risk of death and life expectancy for each group.

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Compared to a motionless, sedentary Taiwanese, spending on physical education, only 92 minutes a week (a little more than 15 minutes a day) had a 14% lower risk of dying from random causes and 10% — from cancer. Their life expectancy was on average three years higher. Every additional 15 minutes of exercise a day, by calculations of physicians, reduced the probability of death by 4% and the probability of death from cancer by 1%. This pattern was true for both sexes and any age.

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The researchers hope that the dissemination of information will give people missing on hand, to realize that all is not lost, get up from the sofa to make small but significant efforts.


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