Pasta. Benefit or harm?

Italy love pasta and eat them not as a garnish, but as a separate dish. That is why the people of this Sunny country are always so cheerful and contented life. Nutritionists found that pasta is a very useful product that should be consumed at least 2-3 times a week. They are low in calories and, surprisingly, promote weight loss due to the large number of proteins (per 100 g of product is 13 g of protein). The composition of pasta include the so-called slow sugars, which our body burns gradually but fully.

To consume pasta regularly, since they are the source of carbohydrates needed to maintain nutritional balance. But in order for them to be useful, they do not need to swim in butter, rich in saturated fatty acids. Give, for example, a preference for tomato sauce which gives the pasta the missing vitamins and antioxidant carotenes. And the sauce cook with olive oil containing unsaturated fatty acids.

Remember that these macaroni are those made of whole grain durum wheat. About the "right" pasta you buy, you can learn by studying the label. If it has the term "durum" or "grano duru", then this product will the body only benefits.

The benefits and harms of pasta – is the subject of a long dispute between supporters and opponents of proper nutrition. To reduce the harm of pasta to a minimum, it is necessary to prepare them properly. To do this, first you need to boil water, lightly salt it and add 1 tablespoon of any vegetable oil. Then in boiling water, add pasta and immediately stir so they don't stick together. After a few minutes the pasta will be ready. All, eat health!

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