Why Roman Abramovich became a billionaire

Why Roman Abramovich became a billionaire?


Interesting story army last known billionaire Roman Abramovich. Not everyone knows, but in the army there is such a thing as "dembelsky chord". Its essence lies in the fact that when a soldier leaves the army, he is obliged to do something useful for their part. Chord Roman Abramovich was not easy. Him and a group of completing service soldiers were ordered to cut in the forest glade for a future road. Such work takes several months. Home course like everyone. What do You think made the novel? He divided the forest into equal squares, then went to the next village. As everyone knows, in country houses, and especially wood burning stoves. He announced that he sells the right for cutting a predetermined part of the forest.



Three days later, Roman was on my way home saying goodbye to part forever. The money he divided into three parts. Some gave the remaining officers of the friends who still remained to serve, and the part divided between the parties to this accord. I had enough money.

That's the way of Roman Abramovich in Soviet times was vyklevyvanija businessman.

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