Life without a heart

37-year-old man from Czech Republic recently became the first person who has managed to live without the heart as much as half a year!


A former firefighter Jakub Halik continues to live without a pulse for six months after his heart discovered a malignant tumor, and the doctors said that he left to live no more than a year. As reported by Jakub himself, he had no choice but to fight, and he agreed there was little chance of success surgery. In April, doctors removed his heart and replaced it with a pump, which continued to perform the functions of the heart. But to restore the heartbeat failed.


He Khaliq commented, "I don't even feel as all the bodily functions remain the same, but the heart is no longer beating and I no longer have a pulse. This is a very strange feeling when you're a healthy person and you don't even have hearts," he says.

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