How to cook coffee

Who among us doesn't know how to brew coffee? Everyone knows that. Can be brewed in the coffee maker or just use granules and boiling water. It is fast and easy. The easiest option is to go to a coffee shop and enjoy excellent coffee.

And is there any way to make proper coffee at home? Is. But you need to follow the rules.

Start with the most coffee. Purchased in the store ground coffee should not be stored more than a week — it'll just lose its flavor and taste. Better to just buy a grinder and buy coffee beans. In order to make coffee, we need a Turk and a special electric sandbox, which is filled with sea sand.


So, let's start cooking. To get real coffee, grains must be very well crushed. 200 ml of water 1 full teaspoon of coffee and sugar to taste.

If cooking in the sandbox, sugar, and ground coffee is poured into the Turk with cold water. Turku is put closer to the edge of the sandbox, where the temperature is less. It is very important to monitor the cooking and not miss the moment when foam begins to appear.


If you are going to make coffee on the fire, then ground coffee and sugar poured into the coffee pot from the boiling water. Put the fire on low, and bring coffee to a boil. Then remove the pot, and half a minute later again bring to a boil. So I repeat three times.

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