IBM has called the most important technologies of the next 5 years

IBM has published its traditional list of 5 technologies which can change our lives in the next five years.

Pervoye a place on this list belongs to the technologies that can allow to transfer data from sensors of different devices — from washing machines to cars, designated statistical centers.

Then follows the creation of three-dimensional images in space. In the report IBM this technology is called three-dimensional holography.It is also worth noting that there is no view a simple 3D image, namely a full-fledged hologram.

The third technology — increasing battery capacity. There will be a technology that will help keep its charge at a high level, a sufficiently large amount of time


Fourth place belongs to the technologies that reduce the human impact on the environment. For example, the energy released by computers.


In the end, fifth place is mobile devices and smartphones, which will become more and more comfortable helping a person in his daily life.

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