What is chicory and how to apply it?

Chicory is a biennial plant, whose roots are widely known and used worldwide as a substitute for coffee, and etiolirovannye the leaves of this plant are used as salad. It is often called the "king-root" for a wide range, the power of therapeutic effects on the human body.

The main useful component of chicory – inulin. This substance is a type of fiber, especially beneficial for intestinal microflora. Notorious bifidobacteria that inhabit the intestinal tract of humans only eat fiber.

The benefits of chicory are used in skin diseases, for example, to cure eczema, furuncles, dermatitis. For this purpose, the root of this plant is mixed with water and applied for half an hour a day. This medicinal plant has wound-healing effect.

Many doctors-naturopaths believe if chicory is not harmful, it is no less useless than usual tea or coffee. Most proponents of alternative medicine believe that the powder concentrate of chicory is a dead product. Indeed, many varieties are enriched with vitamins necessary by artificial means, and with the fact that "chemical" vitamins less digestible than the natural is difficult to argue.

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