In the Dnieper river appeared 18 new species of fish

Held a press-conference of the candidate of biological Sciences, Roman Nowicki, who told reporters about the emergence of 18 new species of fishes and 2 species of crabs in the river over the last couple of years.

Only the river is now 56 species of fish, 18 of which are absolutely not peculiar to our fauna. Them or artificially made humans, or they spread themselves.

For example, according to the Roman Novitsky, a sunfish is absolutely unknown way got into the water bodies of the Dnipro basin from North America, even 3-4 years ago it was possible to meet very rarely, but now this species is found everywhere. This fish creates competition for "local" fish that feed on algae and predatory fish, so as not to shrink from any food.


The expert also revealed that in the river and on its banks appear not lived here previously, species: raccoon dog, the muskrat, the European hybrid pigs and Ussuri wild boar.

In 2011, the Dnieper and the Samara scientists have caught 4 species of fish: plecostomus, ancistrus, a sunfish, and a rare piranha with a length of about 60 cm!


Ichthyologists suggest to hobbyists and Amateurs to keep the inhabitants of their aquariums into the nearest bodies of water — the dangerous effects of these acts is almost impossible to predict. The complexity of this situation may eventually lead to a complete change in the species composition of the fauna and flora of the Dnieper and its basin in the near future.

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