Scientists figured out how to protect your eyes from computer

Blurred vision due to regular work at the computer is one of the biggest problems of our days, but soon it may not be. American researchers have invented the method is simple, but effective reducing eye strain.

Scientists from the University of Texas have invented a simple strategy called "20-20-20-20". The essence is that the person who works at a computer, you need to take a break every 20 minutes and within 20 minutes to look at objects that are at a distance more than 5 meters. Thus it is necessary to blink more than 20 times.


The effect of these exercises is explained very easily. Twink — natural method to keep the surface of the eye moist. Doctors recommend to do this kind of exercises not only regular users of computers, but also all those who wish well to preserve their vision.

New exercises will help to prevent dryness and eye fatigue, headache, neck pain and joints. The maximum risk is those who spend 3 or more hours daily at a computer.


Strategy "20-20-20-20" the first time may seem rather strange, but American scientists claim that their technique helps. It should be noted that especially important are exercises for office workers that a large amount of time sitting at computers in rooms with dry and cold from the air conditioner air.

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