These countries that monitor their citizens on the Internet

In December last year two American scientists on security participated in the analysis of harmful emails that were addressed to Bahraini activists opposed to the regime of the state.

At the moment they showed proof that the government in about 25 countries have a spyware for illegal surveillance of its citizens.

Morgan Marquis-Bore (Morgan Marquis-Boire) from the University of Toronto in Canada (University of Toronto) and bill Marzec (Bill Marczak), University of California, Berkeley, USA (The University of California) found that the messages has a virus "FinSpy" that can make the screen, intercepting messages in Skype, keystrokes keyboard, and even turn on Webcams and microphones. This app was developed by the British company Gamma Group, which specializiruetsya only on the creation and dissemination of government computer programs that are designed for forensic IT expertise and research.

Over the last 11 months, scientists with the support of some companies (including Rapid7 and CrowdStrike) almost no avail I tried to follow activity FinSpy.At the end of last year, scientists were able to detect several C&C servers of the virus, physically located in a dozen different countries.
As reported by experts, the number of countries whose governments are somehow connected with the C&C servers for FinSpy, and included Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Qatar, Singapore, Turkmenistan, USA and Vietnam. Russia and Ukraine in the list of Citizen Lab do not exist.

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