How to make your skin smooth and silky?

Even if your skin is not subject to periodic rashes or flaking, it still from time to time will acquire a dull grayish hue. That's when you'll need scrubs and other exfoliators for the body. They eliminate from the skin surface dead cells, revealing young, fresh skin underneath. In addition, this process stimulates blood circulation in skin tissues and causes the skin a soft pinkish glow.

The first thing you can purchase a cleansing scrub that is cream or gel that contains tiny abrasive particles. Pick up a composition with rounded grains that will not scratch and irritate sensitive skin. Simply apply the scrub on wet skin, massage it and then rinse the scrub with plenty of warm water.

Traditional European methods of training the skin, past years tests, such as self-massage and massage of the skin with a special brush, with regular use gives excellent results. They also improve overall health, physical condition, affect the level of viability of the organism.

You can also make a scrub at home by mixing sea salt body butter or olive oil. Leave this mixture on the skin for a few minutes to grains of salt have dissolved, then massage over skin, rinse off the scrub with water.

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