It turned out that bad habits have with each of us!

Scientists from Britain, which spetsializiruyutsya on research in the field of hygiene and health, identified "smerte sins", which uses a person completely unaware of this.
        Daily shower
Yes, it's a bad habit. Showering every day does more harm than bathing every other day. Hot water along with shower gel washes away your skin's natural oils. Because of this, the skin becomes dry, it is more exposed to different kinds of infections. It makes no sense to bathe every day, but if this scares you, use cool water.

Eight hours of sleep
Many believe that the full long sleep — a healthy habit. But it's actually not so. This rest may on the contrary be the cause of a constant feeling of fatigue. If you want to feel relaxed throughout the day, no need to sleep more than 7 hours.

Rinse teeth
This bad habit washes away the protective fluoride after use of toothpaste. After brushing, try again in half an hour not drink the liquid if it is not, of course, mouthwash to clean the oral cavity with the content of active fluorine.

Sitting on the toilet
It seems that there are harmful!? But our Soviet, many already forgotten, the holes in the floor, was much more useful expensive toilets. This position is for those who are experiencing bowel problems. So squat, this practice requires less voltage, which will decrease the risk of developing hemorrhoids, scientists.

Rest after eating
No need to lay on the couch, after a hearty lunch. All that you eat are stored in your body in the form of a layer of fat. The body saves the energy as would a veteran, because after eating, you burn extra calories.

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