5 ways to tame your appetite

1. The importance of Breakfast

Many people often underestimate the benefits of Breakfast. But its role in the diet, as reported by the majority of doctors, on the song irreplaceable. The best choice for Breakfast — no ice cream, cake and other amenities, and cereal. Your best choice to stop at the oatmeal, where hunger will not visit you for a few hours.

2. Full color

It turned out, the color red promotes rapid hunger. So hurry up to acquire at least one red plate, which will help you to tame excessive appetite.

3. Slowly but surely

At the dinner itself, try to spend no less than 20 minutes and do not be lazy to chew food well. The slower you eat, the less food will help you to get enough of.

4. When I eat, I'm... blind

Scientists do not suggest to eat, reading a book or watching TV. Because when your brain is busy with something else besides the control over the digestion of food, he could easily forget to give the stomach a command about satiety. The result you will be able to eat a lot more than it actually would.

5. The rules of snacking

It is better to abandon procesov between meals in the form of chocolate, hot dogs, cookies, and other hazards. Replace them with fruits or vegetables that are able and "worm starve", and use the figure to bring.

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