Scientists have created the world's first mobile phone for the blind

Unique screen, which consists of microneedles, can translate a text message into a Braille alphabet for the blind, it will allow the blind to read SMS and other content.
Experts from the University of Ahmedabad has developed a new technology, based on the work of dot matrix printers, where letters were created from a large number of retractable elements. Similarly made and the screen of a new phone, where the operating system controls the raising and lowering of letters, forming of dots and lines of Braille. Blind users will feel their fingers and read the message.


In General, the performance of this gadget because of its mechanical structure will be lower than conventional vehicles. Although, in truth, transcendental performance thelegacy, without background graphics are not needed. Otherwise, the next cell phone for people with visual impairments is an ordinary phone with the usual controls.


The screen for the blind exists only in the form of a prototype of the gadget is not even the case. Scientists hope that one of the major manufacturers will agree to Finance their project.

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