Sim Cheong Printer & Scanner: a device for turning letters into Braille

Fifteen million seven hundred forty five thousand one hundred sixty three

The regiment gadgets for visually impaired people arrived. Korean designer Kyung-ho Jang developed the concept of unique and one of a kind multifunction printer part of the printer and the scanner, which is able to adapt plain text so as to make it accessible to the visually impaired. The device is called Sim Cheong Printer & Scanner, and its appearance is preceded by a very touching story.

So, the designer was inspired by a fabulous story about a little Korean girl named Sim Cheong and her blind father. The essence of the story is that the greatest desire of the girl to the father began to see fulfilled, because for the life she had to go to desperate victims, and this was the reward. The concept of Sim Cheong Printer & Scanner is a compact digital device that is able to read information and output it on paper, and if necessary to duplicate the normal text that is printed in Braille.

It is expected that the miniature printer, scanner will be a real breakthrough in the world of technology and make lives of visually impaired people more comfortable. With such a "translator" comfortable and to learn, to work and to be creative. However, when this concept will be in development, is still unknown.

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