The care of bees in winter

Over wintering families beekeeper must keep constant surveillance, which he periodically visited Zimovniki. In the beginning of winter in November, December and January – Zimovniki visit once in 2-3 weeks. The beekeeper quietly into it, careful not to creak, without knocking, opens and closes the door. To do this they must be well-fitted, and the hinges greased them.

Entering the hibernation house and closing the door behind him, without turning on the light the beekeeper a few minutes listening, trying to catch all the sounds. If the hives silently or audibly smooth, a very faint buzzing bees, it means that the winter goes well. Then the beekeeper goes to the other end of Zimovniki and again checks for hearing, the condition of the bees.

If all is well, then he ignites the red light, and quickly inspects the appearance of the hives, watching the thermometer, which must be installed indoors on a level the man's chest. The results of the visit of the wintering and the thermometer reading is recorded in BAM magazine. The external inspection of the hives pay attention to yrs: do they have dead bees.

If they are detected, it is necessary to see, whether they if I tap on the shelves and on the floor of the feces of mice. The severed heads of the bees and honeycomb crumbs in Letka is a sign that hives penetrate the mouse.

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