Stair handrails for the visually impaired

No one, except the visually impaired and blind people, doesn't know how hard they have to. Therefore, every invention that contribute to their adaptation in society, deserves special attention. Typically, stair handrails do not provide any navigation nor floors, nor on any other grounds why people who are not able to recognize visual information, constantly read it from other people. If they are, of course, is at the moment in this place.

Designers Wenchang Zhou (Zhou Wenqiang), Heimo Bao (Bao Haimo), Jixun Jin (Jin Zhixun), Lee Maan (Li Meiyan) and Li Xinyi (Xinyi Li) presents a new concept of staircase handrails, specially equipped for visually impaired and blind people a system of information using Braille.

This fixed the system can be easily integrated into any traditional staircase handrail, thus providing a simple navigation information, capable to accompany visually impaired and it does not cause inconvenience to others.

This communication system called BrailleStaircase Handrail (Staircase handrail Braille) provides users with information about which floor they are and what people or organizations on it live or are accommodated, respectively, and also how many steps remained.

In this system for the compilation of the symbols of Braille used cylinders that are installed in the holes on the railing. It is obvious that this system is very simple, which should ensure low cost of production and installation of these handrails are ideal for staircases in public areas such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, social services, as well as in the future homes.

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