15 secrets to stimulate the brain

Day by day doing the same job, it's harder for us to focus on the new: memory decreases, concentration falls, and some things did remain unclear... To avoid this, the brain needs to be trained.

For starters, explain what is neyrobika?

Neyrobika is mental gymnastics, aerobics for the brain, improving mental activity.

Neurobiol need to engage all children to learn to concentrate and learn new materials; adult — to maintain your mental fitness and prevent memory loss.

Mental abilities deteriorate because between the nerve and the brain cells are deteriorating relationship. First it was thought that once the failed cell of the brain is not restored, but now this claim is refuted. It turns out that nerve cells and brain cells, you can recover in the course of regular mental training. For these purposes, and was developed neyrobika.

The main objectives of gymnastics:

  • stimulation of the brain
  • memory training

Brain training is very simple, but at the same time incredibly effective. Exercises do not require special training and a certain amount of time they can be done anywhere: at home, on the way to work, at lunchtime, standing at the stove, and even during bath time.

With regular exercise, some exercises will become part of your life that will only benefit.

Exercises to stimulate the brain

New environment

Go where you have never been, or where you go very rarely. This can be a new large Park or a jewellery shop in the nearby area.

New smells

Buy bottles with essential oils or any scented items. Every morning I woke up, inhale a new scent — it will "Wake up" the brain.

Closed eyes

In the evening do not turn on the light in the apartment — walk through the rooms on memory. This exercise will increase attention and concentration. You can also take a shower with your eyes closed. Since you can't see anything drastically aktiviziruyutsya other senses.

Change the working hands

Brush your teeth with that hand, and that of the less active: if you are right handed, brush your teeth with your left hand if Lefty — right.

A new wardrobe

Wear different things. Scientists have shown that depending on of the person's clothes are changed not only his feelings but also the way of thinking.

The Braille system (reading and writing for the blind) and sign language

To learn Braille and sign language is difficult, but the ability to read and talk fingers unusually develop your feelings. In sign language enough to learn standard phrases communication: greetings, simple questions and answers.

New road

Go to work (in store) a new, unfamiliar road. Even if the new path is longer, do not worry. It is not only a positive impact on the brain, but also help to maintain harmony.


Be more confident. Even if you are offered a job where you don't know, agree. The brain quickly aktiviziruyutsya when you don't quite know what to do.

Unconventional answers

Answer standard questions outside the box. Even the question "how are you?" can be answered a dozen different phrases — avoid stereotypes.


Learn to distinguish between coins of different denominations fingers only. Exercise is good to do when you someone or something waiting. Time goes faster and expectation becomes not so tedious.

New logs

Choose those magazines and Newspapers that you usually do not pay attention. For example, if you are interested in fashion, buy a magazine devoted to the economy. Love to read about travel and other countries? Give preference to magazine about animals. Not necessarily excited about something new, it is enough from time to time to change the subject readable.

TV without sound

Unplug the TV sound and looking at the image, try to reproduce the dialogue or monologue. If this exercise together with friends, you get a very comical and interesting.

Varied holiday

If you usually spend a weekend in the city, next time go in nature. Not like to listen to music? Go to a music concert — you will get a lot of new sensations. Even if you do not like it, can leave.

New temp

This exercise can be done in a day. If you usually do everything slowly, try to accelerate in 2 times. If you can never sit still, force yourself to do everything slowly. It requires a lot of concentration.


To come up with new jokes and anecdotes — very interesting and good for the brain. It not only stimulates mental activity, but also develops the ability to think creatively.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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