JUNIOR HAYTEHNIK: Breakthrough invention schoolchildren

Italian student invented a new word, and it was included in the dictionary. The boy is now thought that reinventing the high school to avoid psychological problems and not blame themselves for what was never able to surpass himself. Here are a few ways in which it is moving.
The little linguist from the Italian province of Ferrara genius peak yet fallen to 8 years. The Russian school as a rule, it occurs after the sixth grade, but are inventions and discoveries at our children a dense layer.

Grade 6 - the device for checking the quality of roads

In the fall of sixth grader from Tyumen provided a device for measuring the quality of the road surface. Valery Rogulin collected it from the plastic designer, adding more electrical lotions. "The instrument measures surface irregularities due to the three ultrasonic sensors and a gyroscope. The next step - to bring it to a real road. This model of "Lego" is not enough terrain to test it on a real road surface, "- said the inventor on the Tyumen technopark exhibition. On the creation of the unit was inspired by numerous trips by car with their parents, and the realization that in Russia "the quality of roads is not always good."

Grade 7 - galaktikolёt

13-year-old Moscow schoolgirl Katya Trusheva assembled model of the spacecraft. He may able to reach the stars closest to Earth - Alpha Centauri - in 42 years instead of 50 thousand years. The girl was invited to NASA Rover Challenge conference where she presented a model, however, the size of the paper and a thousand times less than the expected ship.

Dimensions galaktikolёta Katie due to the fact that she had decided to place him in parks, sports facilities with gym and swimming pools, a hospital and a school for astronauts children. In this case, the ship is not provided by any source of energy.

"We will use as fuel the rocket environmental impact, thereby reducing the mass of the rocket, and significantly increasing the speed of movement. The interstellar medium, with 70% consisting of hydrogen, will be captured by a special magnetic funnel to shrink in massozabornike, heated by fusion reaction, accelerated and ejected back into space. So the speed will increase.

If we make the calculations the cost of the proposed ship me, I think the costs will be minimal, in addition, they are fully repaid at the expense of tourists who want to fly with us for the journey, rather than scientific purposes ", - explained the girl
<. br> Grade 8 - electric weapon

In 2010 the media wrote about a student of eighth grade school Ufa Maxim Kotelnikov, who invented the rifle, shooting without recoil, flash and sound of the shot.

The idea was born to him while watching a TV program about US military achievements in the field of electrical weapons. And he decided to make its counterpart from a broken toy gun. After a year of work was the rifle to shoot bullets magnetized by the principle

«accelerating coil." It was reported that the Ministry of Defense became interested in the invention and invited the boy on probation in St. Petersburg.

Since then, nobody heard about the development of Nyquist, perhaps because the principle of accelerating coil has been known for a long time and is often used in the artefacts, but does not apply to arms due to inefficiency. The inventors of these systems boast the most part holes in beer cans.

Grade 9 - reader for the blind

Three Astrakhan ninth-invented how to adapt e-books for the blind, and set up the machine that transforms electronic text into Braille.

"USB flash drive with the text inserted into the device, and with the help of a special program of six a motor raises and lowers the small pins, forming a mechanical Braille cell. The palm can be felt, which formed the letter, as electronic text character by character is translated into Braille ", - he told the head of the laboratory of microelectronics Astrakhan school Technopark Alex Podgora at the presentation of students projects

. Before the finished reader inventors Ilya Shurshevu, Kalmykov Vadim and Ilya Ovcherenko still far away, but in the meantime their counterparts from Tyumen created an electronic textbook for the blind the world's first.

Grade 10 - wind generator working without wind

Last fall 10-grader from Kaliningrad Artem Shumilov figured out how to make a wind turbine, operating without wind. Instead of a conventional chemical battery, collecting wind turbines generated electricity, the student suggested the use of "mechanical gravitational battery" when the wind blows, the load rises, the stock of potential energy. When there is no wind - "battery" is lowered, thus generating electricity.

His work student presented at the exhibition of innovative developments of the Kaliningrad State Technical University. So far, however, there is not only the patent but also a working prototype - over Artem them up and running, trying to equip gravity battery wind turbine at the school. Yes, in Kaliningrad schools have wind turbines.

Grade 11 - saving fuel and cleaning of exhaust gases

Tyumen senior prepared for release from the school first patent - a system that allows to save fuel and clean exhaust gases from harmful impurities

. Last spring, bronze medalist of the All-Russia Olympiad introduced innovative "Air Ozonator for an internal combustion engine on the basis of pulsed corona discharge." The device burns the unburned hydrocarbons contained in mineral fuels.

"Faced with an article on the Internet, I found out that in the morning the car is going better because of the fact that the concentration of ozone in the air is increased. So came the idea to establish Ozonator "- said Ilya Lotysh

. Tests on vehicle IL-2717 showed that the use of ozone reduces fuel 92 RON by 3 to 5%. The exhaust is cleaner "due to the fact that ozone - a strong oxidizing agent, it is stick together with the hydrocarbon molecules and their afterburning".

On the creation of the unit spent 860 rubles. According to the calculations of Elijah, when the production amount can be reduced to 826 rubles. Thus, the ozonator can completely pay for itself financially in the escape of 7500 kilometers.


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