The Story of a repair

We have already shown how employees use utilities famously photoshop.
This time they were painted using Photoshop railing.
History repair one entrance with guest workers, shaders and disgruntled residents.

See How to make repairs in Presnya

First came the soldiers, and painted fence railing on top of breaking

Then they painted railings

Like this. One resident wrote on the website "Our Town" option of our house
Railing in the 3rd entrance instead of replacing the wooden surface, as it is written in the documents of the repair, roughly smeared paint on top of old paint. The foreman does not appear. Work hard to speak in Russian. & Quot;

To this she replied politely:
"Dear user!
Railing in the 3rd entrance of your home at the passage Shmitovski replaced by wood.
Thank left kommentariy.Chupahina GY, head of the council council of the Presnenskiy »

And that's hung a picture, not having any relation to our entrance

What resident wrote: "Call the police, in order to control, the progress of work on the documents to repair!" In response to the railing changed smoothly until the end of its review. The next floor is not affected.

Next, the text author
"My" even painted railings, as expected, interior paint, but not life-threatening smelly for external works. But I, as a "member of the council house" written on the site, "Our city»:
"On behalf of the head of council Chupahina GY you are reporting here 10:13, 1 February 2013, that the railing in the 3rd entrance of our house on the passage Shmitovski replaced by wood. This is false information. They replaced only until the 3rd floor. Under his message did not you post a photo of our front door. If the railings will not be replaced immediately around the entrance, will have to report on the ineffectiveness of your site to the pager of Sobyanin. »

I kindly responded:
"At the address in the program in order to bring the entrances in 2012, repaired porches 1-5. According to statements provided repair defective railing stair railings. At 02/13/2013, the thrift survey found that the railing in the stairwell №3 are in satisfactory condition (non repairable or missing handrails replaced with new ones) Daudov NM, head of the control overhaul of the southern territories of the State housing inspection of Moscow "


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