HotTug boat as a hot bath in tow

Hybrid boats and Jacuzzi HоtTug appeared in one of the centers of water sports in the Dutch town of Rotterdam. The boat-hot tub drives the motor, and the water in it is heated with a wood stove. In this interesting swimming facility can comfortably fit 3 adults.

Interesting 4-meter boat HоtTug made of wood, which is reinforced with fiberglass. In the boat there is a furnace of stainless steel, which heats water in the hot tub to 35 degrees Celsius. The boat can be folding fireplace with a height of 50 cm, which will not prevent unusual plavsredstv to pass even under the lowest bridges.

HоtTug powered by the hybrid motor and batteries are enough to provide a power reserve of two to eight hours, depending on the model. More than this, the developers HоtTug made the system re-use heat from water, which reduced energy consumption. And no harmful emissions!

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