Legends and myths about dairy products

1. Will it help dairy products to lose weight?

The experiments showed that daily consumption of dairy (one yogurt, one Cup low-fat milk and 15 oz. cheese) will help to burn fats and reduce weight. Dutch scientists say that calcium rich foods also promote weight loss.

All of this is actually true, but that doesn't mean that you can eat everything, drink milk or eat yogurt, and not to gain extra pounds.

2. Can milk cause acne?

If your skin is prone to rashes, contained in store-bought milk hormones can worsen the situation. In this case, you can buy homemade milk.

3. How milk affects the cardiovascular system?

Saturated fats in whole milk raise the levels of "bad" cholesterol, so the less of them in the milk, the better it is for the heart. Experts advise to stick to low-fat dairy.

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