Why in the old Russian man carried a bell?

In old times, Russian people have always carried a personal bell. It was just the right accessory, like nowadays the mobile device. And that our ancestor had his reasons.
Fact # 1
Bell could always facilitate searches of the person, if he was lost in the woods. Moreover, the ringing of bells are believed to scare away wild animals and poisonous reptiles.

Fact # 2
Always thought the trill of a bell scares away evil spirits. And they were in the past no less than it is now.

Fact # 3
The bells that hung on the neck of the horse, set the animal on the rhythm, to knock which could not have suddenly appeared on the way of wolves or other troubles.

Fact # 4
Use a bell treated many diseases, for example, migraine and melancholy. Moreover, it was believed that the ringing of the bell quickly wakes you up after a sleepless night.

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