Developed the technology for charging smartphones warm body

Vodafone will soon unveil the prototype a unique technology for charging mobile devices, which is called Power Pocket. A gadget that uses the Seebeck effect that generates electricity by temperature difference between the environment and the human body.
The company has already built the generator in the sleeping bag, called Recharge and denim shorts Power shorts. This development is the culmination of a decade of research in the field of thermoelectric technology.

The developers note that the eight-hour sleep in the Recharge sleeping bag will provide an average of about 23 minutes of work smartphone talk time or 11 hours in standby (although it all depends on the level of consumption a separate machine). This level of the delivery of energy is achieved when the temperature inside the sleeping bag at 37 degrees Celsius and about 10 degrees outside.

Today generation material is only a prototype. Developers need to be done to improve its strength and efficiency. However, Vodafone are confident that in the next decade the power module in the clothing spread everywhere.

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