To replace Google Glass will come "smart" contact lenses

Korean scientists are developing lenses that can be the alternative is not very convenient points Google Glass. With new advances in nanomaterials they want to make ordinary contact lenses more functional.
The development of "smart" lenses leads a group of researchers under the leadership of Yang Jung Park, a chemical engineer from the National scientific Institute of technology of Ulsan (UNIST), as well as the engineers of the company Samsung. Thanks they have created a transparent material that has high conductivity and is composed of silver nanowires and elastic mixture of graphene, they were able to attach a led to a regular soft contact lens.

The development already tested on rabbits, whose eyes close in size to the human. Animals wearing improved lenses for five hours, and by the end of the experiment was not noticed that they are irritated or rubbed his eyes. Theoretically, later, as the led may be a tiny display.

Engineers want to create such lenses, had all the features we put on the computer, but they remained clear and soft. "Our goal is to create contact lenses that can do all the same thing and Google Glass," said Yang Jung Park.

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