Tutaevsky bells

There is something fascinating in kolokolah.Ved they are not just tools for creating special sound quality and exceptional purity. Bells also a means to communicate with God and men. They seem to draw his attention to the events taking place in the church. After the bell ringing is solemn and mournful, he can report the good news or just enjoy hearing music that creates a bell-ringer.

But not only. Each bell, in itself, is also a work of art.
In a small town in the north Tutaev Yaroslavl region has a bell factory. He is best known, perhaps, for the whole world. Tutaevsky bells ringing in churches throughout Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

No, bell, of course, "begins" wrong. First, the necessary calculations, it is necessary to calculate on paper, what will be the new bell, then cut patterns that will determine its shape. And only then begins a long process, during which the axle (pin) layer upon layer of clay is pushed. And even clay here feature - its taken out of a certain career in the Yaroslavl region. But do not ask what: it's a secret Tutaevsky masters.

Owner and soul of the plant is Nikolai Shuvalov. Actually, it is called: Nicholas Bell plant Shuvalov. And who better than he can tell us about the bells and during their manufacture ?!

On the blank layer by layer superimposed clay, and its quality is improving gradually: it is becoming thinner and thinner, until finally, on the spindle is not quite "comfortable" bell. But clay and not copper. And it is still the inner surface of the bell. Then on the rod is put another curve, according to which "cut" the external profile of the future bell. Layer after layer of lies clay, but of a different quality. And on the next picture can be seen in the bell varying degrees of readiness.


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