Best April Fools jokes XX century

People - creating very trusting and willing to believe anything, even if it sounds like a blatant nonsense. Many of us take advantage of this and arrange on top of each other funny jokes. But much more interesting to hold the rally on the scale of the whole country through the media !!! I bring to your attention the 10 most successful and interesting, according to the Museum of Hoaxes, April Fools' jokes media that misled gullible citizens around the world.

1. Harvest spaghetti in Switzerland.

The most unsurpassed joke XX century is still considered a BBC TV report April 1, 1957. In his program «Panorama» Air Force showed the plot of a bumper crop of spaghetti in Switzerland. "In Switzerland, this year has seen a bumper crop of spaghetti - told a news anchor - of course, in this country collecting spaghetti does not reach such an industrial scale, as in Italy. Many have probably seen pictures of the grand plantations in the Po valley. In Switzerland, as it is rather a family matter ... "The story was accompanied by documentary footage: a family of Swiss farmers together to tear trees pasta and fold in the basket. After that, the BBC studios followed by numerous telephone calls in which people are interested in, where you can buy these trees and how to grow them. Thousands of people were asked to send pasta seedlings. Particularly curious expressed surprise that the pasta grow vertically rather than horizontally. But the most interested in the question: "How to grow spaghetti trees on his land?". In the edition of the TV channel they tactfully replied: "Put spaghetti sprout in a jar with tomato sauce and hope for the best» :)

2. Sid Finch - baseball star.

April 1, 1985 in the Journal of Sports Illustrated appeared one of the most brilliant April Fools hoaxes journalist George Plympton. He said that a new baseball star - a previously unknown pitcher Hayden Sid Finch. The article reported that Finch 28 years, and before that he studied at Harvard and spent some time in the Far East in search of inner peace. Finch had never played baseball, but was seen, because of their unique talents. He could throw the ball at a speed of 168 miles per hour (~ 270 km / h), with high accuracy is achieved at 103 mph (~ 166 km / h). In his article, Plimpton also notes some oddities Finch. So, he wore shoes only on one leg, playing the French horn and is able to speak in cryptic language of Zen. The article was not without photos of Sid Finch, who portrayed the unknown to the general public high school teacher Joe Burton. Although the article was hidden manner indicated on the April Fool's joke, many simply do not understand the draw. The magazine received more than 2 thousands of letters with the request to tell us more about the phenomenon. A week later, the magazine was forced to print an ad on progress journalist hoaxes.

3. Color TV.


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