End of the world in pictures Series Silent World

Young, but has already earned international awards couple of Photographers, known only by their names - Lucy and Simon (Lucie & Simone) - presented their vision of post-apocalyptic picture of the Earth in the form of images of deserted cities around the world.
In the series "Silent World" Lucy and Simon showed the most well-known and heavily populated cities in the world - New York, Beijing, Paris, and was removed from the photos all men except for one or two people, creating the illusion of a devastated world.
The pictures - deserted Times Square, Tiananmen Square, Place de la Concorde, the Eiffel Tower, Railway Station in Beijing, a single woman on the New York Queensboro Bridge, desert Madison Square Garden and Montparnasse, children, lonely wandering along the canal Sichzhimen in Beijing a lone man with a child on Wall Street.

1. Lucy and Simon are using a neutral density filter is high.

2. The same technology used by NASA to study the stars.

3. According to the authors, they are trying with the help of his works to penetrate into the small gap between the everyday reality and dreams of each.

4. Lonely Place de la Concorde in Paris - usually here on the background of the Eiffel Tower all day scurrying hundreds of cars.


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