5 secrets to a beautiful smile

Rule 1. Forget about the hard toothbrush. It must be or medium hard, or soft. A large part of the plaque gathers at the gum, and aggressive bristles, You risk to damage the delicate skin. And of course, very important brush material – choose only polyester, not nylon or citron.
Rule 2. The price of the brushes depends on the number located on her bristles. The thinner and thicker bristles, the better plaque is removed, and therefore the lower the risk of tooth decay.
Rule 3. Ideally, you should brush your teeth after each meal. To check carefully whether You brushed your teeth, run your tongue over the surface – it should be smooth. Don't feel smooth? Keep clean!


Rule 4. I bet You brush your teeth holding the toothbrush in his fist? And you have to hold it like a pen. The only way to control the pressure so as not to harm the tooth enamel and not "zamochit" bristles.
Rule 5. Don't forget to clean the tongue – it is going to a huge number of bacteria that lead to bad breath and discomfort.


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