TOP 3 unusual concepts of flash drives last time

In recent years there have been many different flash drives that combine exceptional design, ease of use and advanced functionality.
        Concept USB Drive Without PS: USB-conveyor with touch screen
Using device USB Drive Withоut PS you can easily copy the files on a flash drive or flash memory card without using a PC. USB-conveyor in the form of a horseshoe NАND uses memory and has two USB connectors that are located on different sides of the device.


        The concept of Funny USB Memory Stick
This device combines an ordinary USB flash drive and ОLED color display, which device conveys the visual information stored in itself the data. To connect the device to a PC is not necessary. ОLED display will give the information using a special offline maps colors in which each color is assigned to a certain file.


        The Concept Of The Amoeba
The concept of flash memory Аmoeba includes the use of several small independent flash drives, connected like the designer, and in fact form one huge flash-media, which consists of the memory of all attached modules. Thanks to this portable "flash module" can be convenient to sort files by category.


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