Personal baristas for coffee lovers


Patrons of restaurants, bars and coffee shops certainly incredibly nice when a waitress or bartender asked not "what you ordered", and with a smile, wondering — "you as usual?". But alas, not every food service employee in a position to keep in mind the preferences of all regular customers, not to mention the wishes of those who visit the place a couple of times a month or on holidays. But a truly great Barista will be the device Memory coffee maker, smart conceptual coffee maker from WenYao Cai.


This coffee machine is practically no different from other unusual coffee makers, at different times, conceived and developed by modern designers. If not a unique ability, instantly firming the position of the Memory coffee maker on the market similar devices. The concept is able not only to remember the preferences of those who use it, but also to determine what kind of coffee should be prepared right now.


To do this, "the Barista at" order, please just attach the hand to the touch panel, where is displayed a known dataset: the form of coffee drink, its saturation, the amount of sugar, a drink of milk, cream or other additives. Of course, to Memory coffee maker all remember, it needs to be set accordingly and then start making your favorite beverage.

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