Excalibur – the highest in the world wall for climbers


Not everyone is a fan of an active lifestyle, who would like to try mountain climbing, will be able to afford it, because the trip into the highlands often requires considerable investment of time and money. Fortunately, cities around the world there are more and more gyms, equipped walls for climbing. Of course, an artificial object located in urban areas, is unlikely to give even a small fraction of the experience of climbing a cliff of some mountain range. Still, it's a great way to test your strength before you seriously begin this pastime. However, man-made objects can be interesting in themselves, and not just as a means of compensating for natural phenomena.

For example, a vertical wall Excalibur at the Bjoeks Climb Center in the Dutch city of Groningen, claims the title of tallest artificial climbing wall in the world. Towering above the ground on 37 meters, this building cannot fail to attract the glances of passing drivers. Curved shape, giving Excalibur the original external shape, in fact, is to separate into zones of different level of complexity: while one side is more suitable for beginners, the sheer line will be a real challenge even for professionals.

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