"No Place Like Home" shoes, which will always lead you home

Did you ever get lost? To be away from home, in a totally unfamiliar place, among strangers, possibly even speaking a language you do not understand? Stress and the feeling of being lost (in all senses), I got goosebumps. At such moments all of us want to turn into fabulous Dorothy or Ellie in the emerald city, just click my heels, make a wish and be on own doorstep. Disappoint: scientists still haven't managed to develop magic shoes. But the first steps in this direction have already been made. The proof is navigation shoes that will always lead you to the right place.

A prototype called poetic — "No Place Like Home". Perhaps, there would be no shoes with built-in navigation system, if the young British designer Dominic Wilcox (Dominic Wilcox) has not received an invitation to participate in the project Global Footprint, in the County of Northamptonshire. This place with the unpronounceable name for more than a century is famous for its skilled cobblers. So the bar was set high. And to surprise people, Shoe business of which is laid at the gene level, Dominic decided to turn to technology. As in any fairy tale, in the difficult task, the young man was supported by the assistants technologist Becky Stewart (Becky Stewart and local manufacture of Stamp Shoes. And inspiration the young designer drew from a good history of Lyman Baum "Wizard of Oz".

The prototype of the shoes the "No Place Like Home" was those magic shoes of Dorothy. Real analog though is not able to teleport his master, but always will help to find their way home or to another interesting place. All you need to run on a computer program resembling a well-known service Google maps, and look on the map destination. Then copy its coordinates and "one-click" to send them straight to your pair of shoes you previously connected it through USB to the laptop.

Fun fact: to start the navigation system, should a little foot down on the heel. This method together with a red "interior" of the shoes and the red label on the back (it hid the GPS antenna) – another reference to the famous children's book.


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