Teapot Mr Tea

Tea is one of favorite and popular drinks of people all over the world. People praise the tea, dedicate poetry to him and arrange the whole tea ceremony. It is not surprising that designers love to come up with all sorts of fun and beautiful tea accessories, you can transform the tea party is not just ordinary thing, but in the celebration that can bring joy and delight to every Chiluba. Moreover, sometimes you want to abandon firmly entered our life tea bags and enjoy natural leaf tea. With this new pot now, even the laziest prefer to brew tea from tea bags.


This wonderful teapot from the company Fred and Friends under the name Mr. Tea Infuser (Teapot Mr Tea) made from food safe soft silicone rubber, whereby it can be easily mounted on the edges of the cups any size and shape. Welding is covered in his pants, after which the two halves of his torso are connected. To start brewing you just conveniently hook his hands over the edge of the mug, like in the tub, and you can enjoy not only the tea taste, but also aesthetic and cute decoration of the Cup.

This thing can be a great gift for colleagues, and will certainly appeal to children. The development itself is such a pot is not good, but the best news is that this pot is already on sale. For example, on Amazon it can be purchased for only $14.99.


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