TOP 3 unusual GPS devices

One of the main world news — fruitless search for the schooner Nina, which disappeared not long ago in the waters between Australia and New Zealand. Strange how you can't find a huge ship, given that even ordinary mobile devices now have GPS tracking system. And devices that use different global positioning system, generally a dime a dozen! About three of the most incredible in the world of GPS devices is discussed in this review.
Tamtam – GPS-Navigator which will lead you along the arrows
Not all people can handle geographical maps. This will help the device with the name Tаmtam, which will make the process of moving from one point to another in walking by projected on the road the arrows.


GPS shoes by Dominic Wilcox (Dominic Wilcox)
Designer Dominic Wilcox has released a series of shoes with GPS beacons. Powered by walking, these gadgets will be online to share information about your whereabouts to those who need it. A wonderful item of clothing for the elderly and children.


The diving mask Swimming Goggles Smart
Smаrt Swimming Gоggles is a mask for scuba diving, which has a built-in mobile computer. She just can pinpoint your location and display it on the screen, but will also take pictures of the surrounding beauty and even film it on video!


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