Simple exercises for memory training

1.When you remember important information create images. Imagine every word in a familiar context for You. Many children use imagination when memorize poems. Every day, try to remember any information, coming up with her image.
2.Create Association. Select a few different words, and link each in turn. For example: a window, a puddle, computer, girl, mom, vacation. You should have something like this: under the window was a huge puddle, the puddle did not prevent the operation of the computer, so the little girl wanted to play on the computer, but the girl distracted my mom, because she wanted to leave. This exercise helps to remember completely unrelated words.

3.Read and memorize large texts. During the reading, write out key phrases that will help You to compose a picture read.
4.Every day remember different sets of numbers. In this You will help the mobile keyboard. Ask colleagues or family to do for You complex sets of numbers. Visually draw the line from the first to the last digit. Your eyes will help You remember the sequence of numbers, and You will easily be able to remember passwords and phone numbers.

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