A method of memory — simple and very effective!

Method of remembering Cicero bears the name of one of the great Roman politician who became famous in its outstanding performances is never used records. While he operated on a variety of numbers, names, facts, and also quite often used quotes.

According to some sources, the method of Cicero were successfully used long before the official of its author. In particular, the famous ancient Greek poet Simonides actively and successfully practiced.

This method is simple and time efficient. Its other name is system the Roman room. It is based on the fact that the key units that need to remember, you need to place in thoughts in a specific order, introducing in the mind the usual room. After this procedure, it is enough to recall this room in order to restore everything you have fixed in memory. Cicero, when he was busy preparing for public speaking, was walking around the house and placed in the head of the main key points of his speech in various places.

Before you start practicing memorization by the method of Cicero, decide how you plan to get around the room. Select the sequence of places in which You plan to mentally place key units. For some representation of the head will suffice. However, the first time will not be superfluous to look around, as did the great orator. Thus it is necessary to choose the familiar room, for example – to your account. Can give preference to the method of movement in a clockwise direction.

With experience You will be able to use more objects and places, thereby increasing their ability to commit information. You can use absolutely any items. Let it be a sofa, TV, shelf, Desk, computer and so on. Mentally you can move left and right and up and down. You do not have to be limited to only his room. For more efficient fixing in the memory you can use familiar routes, etc.

You need to associate the key points of the information You try to remember, certain objects through associations. Starting to practice this method, it helps to have in mind the set of elements of the room. Thus, IAS will always be "improvised" a set of so-called mental hooks that You will need to catch the key points.

As an example, consider how you can easily memorize a list of the following items: bike, backpack, bottle, clay. These elements will be placed sequentially in accordance with the scheme of the house. We start with the corridor. You need to use a custom connection to play is not difficult even after a long time.

Bike placed on the rack near the door, and it is located in an inverted position. This Association is easily stored in our head. Next is the backpack, which weighs on the door, and it Peeps the cat. In the bottle we put the face of a sunflower and placed it on the nightstand. The mirror in the hallway, completely seal the clay, thereby creating a non-standard Association and fixing the last key element in our list. So we've got quitean unusual associative array, which we can easily recover the in the head.

It is very important to pre-identify those items that will come our way. Otherwise there is a risk that You will seek details that will be easier to associate with a specific keyword. In the end, memorization is ineffective.

Of course, the method of Cicero should be applied for tasks much more complicated. The above example only helps to understand how the memorization of information. This method is productive in the process of committing to memory the text of the plan for the day, order the necessary phone calls and other things. Moreover, when the information is logically related data, not just a set of words, you can reuse the same room. This series of key elements do not mix, and You'll be able to easily restore the data on a specific topic.

To learn to use this method quite a few workouts. This is its main advantage, if you compare this technique with others. Moreover, this technique can be used anywhere. And wherever you are can become a great starting point for memorizing information. You do not need to use a method related associations or for a long time to restore the chain as it must when using the method of sequential associations. You only need to recall a familiar room or use it wherever You are at the moment. It is enough to consider the room, while placing key words and tying them to some items. Restore is also simple. Suffice it to recall the situation. Using this method, You will be amazed how quickly and easily you can learn even very complex material.

Method of Cicero is a unique mnemonic devicethat everyone can learn. Even if You do not consider yourself to individuals with a good memory using this technique, you will easily surpass each of them.

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