Dangerous signal! What does the tongue coating

Healthy, your tongue should be pinkToday rarely meet people who have no plaque on the tongue. Many people do not pay attention to it, but in vain. Because the coating on the tongue can be fairly accurately judge the state of your health.

Most often white patches on the tongue and a little less yellow. There are rare cases of other colors, but we will not be considered. It makes sense to check the status of the language each morning, and if you notice that there is a RAID, you need to take measures to eliminate its causes.Healthy, your tongue should be pink.

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White coating on the tongue is fungus Candida. If you find that your tongue coated with white bloom, this suggests that all your body is hosting a fungus. Why the body increases the activity of fungi? You will be surprised, but the reason for that are kidney disease.The kidneys are responsible for all body fluids. One of the functions of kidney regulation of Ph (degree of acidity) of blood, saliva, urine, lymph and other fluids. If the Ph shifts to the acid side, begins active growth of fungi, resulting in white patches on the tongue is the most visible manifestation of candidiasis. In a more alkaline environment fungi live.

If you are a long time to ignore the white patches on the tongue, expect unpleasant consequences. For example:

  • The weakening and degradation of the kidneys. The gain associated with kidney disease
  • Aggravation of women's diseases (thrush, etc.)
  • The occurrence of pulmonary diseases (bronchitis, asthma)
  • According to the theory of the Italian oncologist Tullio Simoncini many types of cancer are the result of fungal infestation. I have this theory agree only partially.
Yellow coating on the tongue is definitely a symptom of diseases of the liver, gall bladder, stomach, pancreas. Most often, this plaque is accompanied by unpleasant mouth odor. In this situation, you should first deal with the treatment of liver and gall bladder. By the way, often under the yellow tinge is also present in the fungus Candida, therefore, the kidneys also have to deal with.

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The most common and dangerous misconceptions on the subject:

1. The tongue coating should be treated with antibiotics or antifungal drugs.
Such treatment will only worsen your health.

2. One very well-known specialist in visceral therapy believes that the white tongue coating and associated fungal invasion should be treated with oral or topically solutions of soda.

My experience and statistics have shown that this approach does not give any positive results for the organism as a whole. This method can only treat the local symptoms of candidiasis, thus the effect will be temporary.

3. To remove the coating on the tongue should be carefully cleaned his teeth and tongue.

So what, you clean the language, and then what? The next morning you will again have the same two. It is useless to waste time on it unless it's for aesthetics.

4. Candidiasis is sexually transmitted.

In fact, if you have had sexual intercourse with a person who has an exacerbation of candidiasis, you are in no danger if the kidneys healthy. May occur 1-3 days slight local infection with a fungus that will go unnoticed or symptoms it will be very minor.

Keep in mind that the kidney is a very capricious system, their function may change every day, because a strong influence on them has your emotional state and lifestyle. Especially for weakened kidneys. Therefore, the white coating on the tongue can every day to change. Today he is, tomorrow he is not. Daily observation of this phenomenon can teach you a better understanding of the relationship of the kidney to your lifestyle. published 


Author: Gregory Krolevec

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