As you teach the universe: the Rule of 3 signals

Check at different levelsIf you are not going their way has chosen to go before the incarnation on Earth, the universe is trying to tell you about it using the 3 signals:

The first signal — weak, insignificant. In your life there will be a small nuisance. The first signal is usually passed.

Then a higher power serves the second signal. It is more powerful than the first. You find yourself in a more difficult situation. Such a signal you will notice, if you listen closely to the signs of the universe.

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The third is the strongest in intensity. It comes in the case if you have not noticed the first two. It is a large trouble or even misfortune.

The universe is trying to shake things up and steer in the right direction.

Conclusion: if you are in a tough situation, rewind the events back and decide which were the second signal to next time to prevent the onset of serious problems.

The ability to see the first signal comes from experience.

Situations look different, but an essence at them one.


Example from life:

Female, married, not confident, looking for love and approval from outside.

The first signal — her husband says: “no one needs You, so stick with me.” The woman is unpleasant to hear such words, but in the end she “swallows” it, because they have a kid, you gotta stand it. Deep down she's flattered — he was something she needed.

The second signal — husband makes a scene of jealousy in public. Now, and strangers in the course of their relationship. She said: “How can you live with it? He doesn't respect you.” A woman experiences shame, humiliation, but again does nothing to change your life.

Third signal — the situation is aggravated, it gets physical.

The universe in the person of the husband trying to explain to the woman that such an attitude towards themselves and others towards her is unacceptable.

Man is given the choice to radically change something, in this case to end the relationship, or leave it as is and allow to continue to humiliate yourself.

Many, unfortunately, continue to live in such conditions. Rule 3 signal continues to operate for them constantly until they decide to go the other way.

The conditions under which the rule is triggered 3 signals

1. You give yourself a promise to change something in my life

When you make a loud statement, declare: “tomorrow — run in the mornings!” the universe begins to check on you. Three times you ask the question: "do You do that?"tossing a situation where you are faced with a challenge to run in the mornings or not to run.

If you are one of the three times failed – the old situation back. If three times withstood the trials you switch to a new state.

2. You are engaged in the transformation of the self

You say: “I'm freed from the vows of poverty, celibacy, etc.!”.

After this three times to meet the challenge. If you overcome, behave in accordance with the new paradigm, the provocations stop.

Often the person who was the catalyst, the main provocateur, ceases to be so if you managed to survive three times.

After that, everything scatters, and your new line of conduct is fixed and you jump from one reality to another.

If you have not passed one test, then you will experience again. Therefore, learn to pass the first time.

3. You took that the wrong way

You are already familiar with the universal laws and go to the goal, based on the principles of spirituality. But at some point, something forces us to deviate from the right path.

Something you don't see is confused and doesn't realize it.

To get you back on the right road in the course of entering the rule of 3 signals.

Outwardly, it looks like. You have become accustomed to a harmonious life, but something causes discomfort. In your life that unpleasant events occur that are knocked out of the favorable rhythm of life. They signal you that in General you choose the wrong path or methods to achieve the goal.

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Check at different levels

Sometimes the first time can be tested. It depends on how you are attentive to the signals of the universe. But it happens that you continue to check. It depends on the quality checks and the importance of the issue you are working on and which came here in this incarnation.

Feel the difference — to Wade the river in good weather or during a storm.Level of testing is different.

To say "no" to a stranger, when you are just learning to set boundaries and to delineate its territory, or to refuse beloved mom, who used that everything is done under their orders. This is a different situation, agree?

How to help loved ones to notice these signals

When in a problem situation you get close, as the signals from the outside, to recognize them easier than when this happens to you personally. If you notice their manifestation in the lives of loved ones, help them to see that they went too far. But, as a rule, people do not want to listen to advice, even from relatives.

So, take note of these recommendations:

Do not come with the Council during the conflict — will not hear. The result of your help depends on with what intention you do it. People subconsciously read the message with which you go to them.

Build the phrase in a neutral, not intervene.

Clear the expectation that people should act the way you want.

Be patient and wait for the moment when people will be ready to hear what this piece of information.

It will take a little time and an appropriate occasion to Express their vision, will come up.

If your life is full of such signals, then it is time to think, which can result in your inaction. published 


Author: Natalia Prokofieva

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! © econet

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