3D printer can print You a new pair of shoes every day

Designer Jeanne Kyttanen (Janne Kyttanen) has created an amazing collection of footwear, which printed on a 3D printer. Now fashionistas will be able each morning to enjoy a new pair of shoes easily match them to any outfit. Gone are the days when in search of shoes that would match with evening dress and is sitting on the leg, wasted many hours, if not days.
The project should attract the attention of the General public to 3D printers, it is likely that in the near future will be the main method of proizvodstva goods national potrebleniia. "I don't know how this will relate to women, but I like it Kyttanen. "I would be happy if my girlfriend could wear every day a new pair of shoes. Today it became possible. Women can night to print the first collection of 3D shoes and Wake up every morning with a new pair".

A woman can download free digital files, shoes by selecting color and size and printed shoes on the printer. On the printout each pair needs about 6-7 hours, so it is more convenient to do it at night.

Files contain data on the model 35 to 40 size. You can also choose any style: Macedonian ‒ shoes, with a pass through hole, Facet style ‒ faceted model and the usual classical style. But those who want to try their hand at design can use Jeanne created a file with the base model and come up with your own style. In the future Kyttanen plans to widen the choices.

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