Scientists have made a new map of the worst places on Earth

Australian researchers made a list of areas that would suffer the most from climate change.
According to the obtained results, will be the most affected South-East Asia, Western and Central Europe, Eastern South America and southern Australia. In Russia the most vulnerable regions are the European part, the Urals and Western Siberia.
During the tests, the Australians took into account such factors as the integrity of ecosystems and climate stability – indicators of how the real climate will be similar to the climate in 2050.

According to the calculations by Australian experts, the results will be different from vulnerability assessments, which usually fall to Central Africa, Northern South America and Northern Australia.
Experts around the world competing in horrific examples of what can cause global warming. The part of climate scientists says that if the temperature of the planet will not cease to increase, that the Earth is threatened by the return of the age of dinosaurs. Other researchers believe that it is fraught with invasion of tropical beetles and emergence of resistant to extremes of temperature viruses.

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