Google launch program to extend the life

Calico will operate independently under the command of Arthur Levinson, who is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Apple. While Levinson will take up his post at Apple, and current positions in other companies.


Google Health, a previous attempt by the company to create products in the field of health, have failed. But Larry page argues that the present situation is not like that. According to him, in medicine, as in other spheres of life, from the emergence of ideas to their implementation should take 10 or 20 years.
Larry page made the announcement of the launch Сalico and on the page in Gоogle+. He encourages his readers not to be surprised that Gоogle invests money in a company that is far from the main areas of its activities. Says Paige, the Corporation spends relatively little compared to their profits amount to a new program, and, as he thinks, will get good results.


In a press release Gоogle also tells about Calico, there is almost no additional information about the new company. In the text of the release quoted the General Director of Apple Tim cook, who upheld the decision of Levinson to lead the project.

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