What can I add in a morning coffee to Wake up faster

The body, accustomed to the daily absorption of the same drink, just stop responding to him properly. Therefore, in order to cheer up and try a new sensation from the usual coffee, we add in a Cup of additional ingredients.

1. To dilute coffee with water.

This coffee has a special name — "Columbia". As we all know, coffee is quite a heavy drink. The water will reduce the negative impact on the gastric mucosa. Experts advise to dilute it with water is too strong varieties — for example, espresso.
2. Tossed a slice of lemon.
Coffee is famous for its antioxidant properties. Lemon, as a representative of citrus fruits only adds to these properties. Coffee with lemon promotes the production of gastric juice. As a consequence, right from the morning, your body prepares to digest it all than you will regale him during the day.

3. Dilute coffee with milk.
Add in a little Cup of milk. This will give the opportunity to refuel calcium and strengthen bone structure. Moreover, the combination of coffee and milk will make the mixture in a warm viscous liquid that have a beneficial effect on the ligaments. So, going to work, I can sing songs, for example "33 cows". Perhaps you have a verse and not a new born but a good mood is guaranteed!

Cheerful morning to you, dear readers!

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