Unusual sensor will record Your life

You just need to have a phone that supports Bluetooth, get the special app, and the sensor will track Your movements day and night.

With its help, for example, we can analyze your movement during sports: the power of your kick during the occupation Boxing, is your swing a good racket, if you correctly perform dance steps or throw the ball in basketball.

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If, for example, to consolidate from 6 sensors to clothing: in the area of the arms, legs, pelvis and chest, you can get a full view of the movement of the person. In addition, you can use when analyzing a record of the movements of other people or even compare with sample models generated by computer.

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App to the phone, receiving information from the sensor, uses an abstract model of the human body to reconstruct and present a 3D visualization of all movements of the user, which then can be recorded, and after the show him and share with others.

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