Japanese engineers figured out how to deal with space debris

Around the Earth for many decades, rotates more than a dozen different devices, fragments of missiles, satellites and the rest of the stuff. Today, about 20,000 objects, which are a threat to working spacecraft, circling around the planet at the altitude of 800-1400 km. Experts called it all a waste of space.

To collect it, the Japanese have invented a clever way — as of 28 February of this year, they will launch into orbit a special companion-a scavenger. Using a long cable it will collect garbage, or rather, help him to fall to the Ground. Electrodynamic teaser, which was created by specialists of the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency, is a long rope made of steel and aluminum, which is attached to the satellite.

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In the open space space the free end of the teaser is swinging and begins to produce electricity. Under the influence of electricity the speed of debris becomes smaller, and this means that he begins to move to lower orbits and eventually falls into the atmosphere, where it burns. So the Japanese are going to rid space of debris.

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