Stickers on the legs will be able to replace the shoes

Anyone can see how much massive or heavy sneakers not only significantly complicate training, but also may adversely affect the results. The recent release of the Nike Free Flyknit, for example, almost repeats the shape of socks to provide support for the foot, but bring your running to run barefoot.

Designer Fricke Severs from the Netherlands wanted to take a step further and, in principle, to abandon the usual forms of running shoes, leaving the Shoe sticker on foot. These stickers don't just provide support for the foot during exercise, without weighing it, but also help athletes avoid injuries.

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"The classes boskom have many advantages: superior control over movement and sensation in the foot, in direct contact with the surface and development of the foot. So the athletes feel confident and all the time control their movements. But due to the fact that the foot tends to slide and podvorachivaetsya, there is a risk of injury. Stickers on the foot correct this deficiency".

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